Brisbane Music Video Production

4k music video production in Brisbane

We create music videos for local artists.

At Captivate Media, we’ve been helping talented artists across the Sunshine Coast produce amazing music videos for over a decade!

We love working with musicians whether you’re just starting out on your first EP and need a video to go along with it, or if you’re an experienced artist wanting to show off your new studio recording. We’re an experienced bunch of filmmakers and always up for a challenge!

interested in working with us?


We organise a meeting to go through your concepts or ideas and let you know what’s possible and how we can achieve the right look to suit your song.


The moment that you’ve been waiting for, when the plan is put in motion. Our expert film crew hits the scene with lights, cameras, and ready for action!


This is where everything comes together. Our editors consider, cut, and connect the pieces from production to create something compelling to form the story that we set out to tell.


At the end of the editing, the final polish is put on your project: colour-grading, titles, and any other necessary Visual FX to make your music video shine!

brisbane Music Video Prices

How much will it cost to make my music video?

If you’re on a shoe-string budget we can put together a professional multi-camera video of you performing your track in an environment to suit the dynamics of your song. Or if you want to take your music to the next level we can start to incorporate some narrative elements and multiple locations.

Contact us today to start planning your next music video!

Upcoming Artist Film

$ 800
  • 2 Hours Filming in studio, rehearsal room or 1 location
  • Editing
  • Lighting
  • Gimbal Stabiliser Shots
  • 1 round of feedback

Music Video in a Day

$ 2500
  • Full Day Filming on location
  • Story driven music video feature
  • 4K Graded in Ultra-wide Cinemascope
  • Lighting
  • Film Crew
  • Gimbal Stabiliser Shots
  • Slow Motion Shots
  • Multiple nearby Locations

Recent Projects

Alexa Curtis Overflow Music Video

Alexa Curtis - Overflow

Alexa Curtis "Cry" Music Video filmed by Captivate Media

Alexa Curtis - Cry

Roxley Music - What This Could Be

Suzanna J - Otis Redding Music Video

Suzanna J - Otis Redding

MARSHALL - Strive and Repair

Bronte Holding - Since You've Been Gone. Music Video shot in Maleny

Bronte Holding - Since You've Been Gone

All Strings Attached - Where the Answers Grow Music Video

All Strings Attached - Where The Answers Grow

Paul J Rogers - Don't Place me in the Past Music Video

Paul J Rogers - Don't Place me in the Past

Paul J Rogers - Early Leaver Music Video filmed in Sandgate, QLD

Paul J Rogers - Early Leaver

Matt Fasso solo acoustic artist in Brisbane

Matt Fasso - The Way You Make Me Feel