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We film dance concerts

Multi-camera setup for Brisbane dance concert

We are the leading videographers for the dance industry in Brisbane.

At Captivate Media, we’ve been helping dance studios across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast capture the best quality sounds and video of their concerts for over 10 years.

Working with venues such as Redcliffe Cultural Centre, SunPac, Matthew Flinders Performance Centre we have built a reputation for reliability and knowledge of the best possible locations in venues.

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Your show Streamed from anywhere

A premium app experience in 4K just like you’re watching Netflix!

We can deliver your dance concert as a premium cinematic experience with full menus and dance selection allowing your dance families to watch the show anywhere and anytime with a lifetime access to the platform.

No need for DVD discs, USBs or delivery!

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The Captivate Media Difference

Professionally designed DVD Covers and Artwork

Our DVD packaging comes with premium cases and disc labels, each with custom artwork to match your studio branding and concert artwork programmes. We only use high quality branded discs for our duplication. We never use cheap media.

High Quality Audio and Tap Mics

The often missed factor in dance DVDs is audio quality!

We master every dance routine with the original music track and placing camera audio where needed for a more enhanced sound for audience applause and room ambience.

Our Tap mics are placed purposefully on stage to capture all those tap routines with high fidelity as well as any routines where there’s clapping or on-stage sound.

Online Ordering through our dedicated store

To take the hassle out of collecting money and organising orders, we have our own online store with a dedicated link for your dance studio families to purchase their own DVDs.

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