Dance Videography

Brisbane's Premier Dance DVD Producers

Multi-Camera Angle Filming with
up to 3 HD Cameras

Most dance videographers mix live, meaning they have only one chance to get it right.

Captivate Media is re-defining the industry by filming from different theatre locations (not just from the rear of the auditorium) and editing the footage back in the studio each dance at a time.

Each camera angle is expertly directed and timed to your dance routine

We are the only leading dance videographer that edits after the performance! Each camera angle is expertly directed and timed to your dance routine. This means that key moments in your performance are not missed by having the wrong camera angle and our DVDs are less boring because we are able to have more edits and time the cuts exactly to the beat of the music.

4 HD Multi-camera edit of dance concert filmed in Brisbane
DVD Cover artwork for a dance concert

Professionally Designed
DVD Covers and artwork

Our DVD packaging comes with cases and disc labels, each with custom artwork to match your studio branding and concert artwork programmes. We only use high quality branded discs for our duplication. We never use cheap media.

DVD Menus and Track Selection

All our dance DVDs come with full menu structures with scene selection so you can go directly to the dance you wish to watch.

High Quality Audio and tap mics

The often missed factor in dance DVDs is audio quality! Because our dance DVDs are strategically edited dance by dance, we are able to "dub" the original dance track over the camera audio so that the audio from the DVD will be heard how it was intended. The audio from the performance is then tweaked and only placed when needed such as audience applause or clapping. We also take audio feeds from the sound desk so that we can separately master the tap mics and any other vocal performances where they may be needed throughout the concert.

licensed Audio

Captivate Media hold current licensing agreements with AMCOS/ARIA for the reproduction of licensed music tracks for the purposes of DVD production for home use.

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Broadcast Quality Titles

Motion Graphics Titles to get your audience excited about watching the DVD! This includes an animated company logo and artwork matching your concert programme.

Brisbane Dance Filming Prices

Up to 2 Hours Performance


2-3 Hour Performance


3+ Hours Performance